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We want to give you a glimpse into our design studio and show you the process how we make every single Haze & Glory piece by hand. Come in!

From First Sketch to Reality

The design process starts in our studio on Bali. We started our design and production studio in 2014 together with two very talented Balinese silver smiths near the slopes of Bali´s Mount Agung volcano.

Today we are a group of 6 and work full time on Haze & Glory jewelry. Our team is the backbone of Haze & Glory. The artisans that we work with are highly specialized and talented.

We usually work in small collections, each one focusing on a special theme or mood. Our designs are heavily inspired by old sailor and prison tattoos, alchemy and ancient symbolism. The first days we spend most of our time researching, drawing and creating the first rough ideas. After a few days we start drawing more detailed illustrations and work on 3D models to get the dimensions right.

Then we discuss our designs with our wax model maker, a gifted artisan that transforms a block of wax into a model that has to look exactly like the fine jewelry to be created. He carves a real three dimensional ring or pendant from wax. This is a process that can take a few days as the devil is in the detail.

Once the wax version of the jewelry piece is perfect it is made into a jewelry mold and then filled with molten silver to create a custom piece of jewelry. The wax is lost forever in the process.

Once the raw silver pieces are done, we start to polish all pieces by hand. Depending on the style, we plate the item with 24k gold or oxidize the silver for a darker edgy look. We set semi precious stones by hand.

After all production pieces are finished we make a visual piece by piece quality control to ensure every piece is perfect.

Jewelry manufacturing is an art form that requires good technique and high concentration during the whole process. We hope you enjoy your Haze & Glory piece as much as we enjoyed making it!

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