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The active volcano Mount Agung erupted 5 times in November/December 2017 and spits fire, lava and gas every since (luckily in smaller regular eruptions).

The atmosphere was intense back in early 2018 as nobody could predict the next moves from majestic Agung. Thousands of people were evacuated and the island was on red alert.

The Haze & Glory studio is far enough from the crater but on clear days we could see the mile high smoke rising into the sky – a very humbling experience.

For our Firestarter collection we were inspired by the power of this powerful volcano and its active lava. Together with Nyoman, one of our jewelry smiths, we started hiking around the slopes in the hope to find some small pieces of lava. We were able to find some beautiful lava rocks that we incorporated in some strong limited edition pieces. We hope you like what you see: feel the energy!

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